Air Travel

Air travel is now standard throughout the business world and is a powerful influence on the tastes, attitudes, and habits of millions. We are a fully licensed IATA agency and do a wide range of airline services to business and pleasure travellers as well as packaged tours, based on group departures and group fares.

We are fully automated and have instant access to more than a hundred and fifty airlines worldwide, including Air Canada, Lufthansa, British Airways, Cathway Pacific, Japan Airlines, Qantas, and much more.

We do electronic tickets (E-tickets) as well, as long as the airline you are booking with has electronic ticket capabilities.

In addition to scheduled services, we can also book all-charter flights such as Air Transat, Harmony, Skyservice, and Sunwing for any domestic or international destination.

Rail Travel

Rail travel offers features which are unique within the transportation network. Many "train buffs" are simply attracted by the romance, comfort, and experience of train travel. Others prefer relaxed and comfortable travelling conditions, economical fares, generous baggage allowance, excellent sight-seeing, and convenience (downtown to downtown transportation).

We have instant access to VIA Rail and Amtrak services so that we can easily book your train needs without long waits over the telephone with their reservations. Of course our prices will be the same as theirs and we can issue tickets at no cost to you.

We can also arrange bookings and point-to-point tickets or rail passes to many European or other countries in the world.

Car Rentals

A lot of tourists and business travellers, on their arrival, prefer to travel with private cars. This is how the car rental industry emerged, offering flexibility and independence. These characteristics cannot be matched by any other form of ground transportation.

We have online access to car rental companies at any airport in the world which provides availability and prices for various car sizes such as economy, small, medium, large and premium. In doing this, we can determine the best price for the selected category of car or minivan with instant confirmation.


The hotel is the most important part of a vacation. Not only for the cost, but more so for the fact that the hotel becomes a home away from home during the holiday or your business stay. At the present, about 9 million hotel rooms are available worldwide.

We can help you in selecting appropriate accomodation among many different individual or hotel chains within the desired distance from any point of interest within cities and their proximities worldwide.


Unlike other means of transportation, cruises are a unique and pleasurable way to visit different places. The experience of cruising has romance and mystique associated with it, as well as strong attraction of the sea.

Cruise ships offer comfort, luxury, great food, amiable company, and a variety of activities for their passengers to enjoy.

Cruise vacations resemble all-inclusive resorts and many cruise lines tend to see their cruise ships as exotic destinations.

We sell all cruise lines around the world such as Holland America, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Sunquest, etc.


Hospitality Tours specializes in music and art tours. In the past 20 years we have planned, promoted and executed a large number of very successful tours including the London Arts Discovery Tour, led by K. Corey Keeble, with visits to West End theatres, coffee and teas with the performers and post-performance discussions with London's top theatre critics.

Our diligent approach in organization and quality control for every tour has positioned us as one of the top art tours companies in the world. Our tour guides are distinguished arts professionals who are able to give a detailed and insightful tour every time.